Goras as it appears in Star Fox 64.
Game AppearancesStar Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D
Weapon(s)Quick jabs and laser fire with its arms. Sweeping with its tail. Energy beam that emits from the chest.

Goras is the boss that the Star Fox Team faces on Titania in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D when they go to rescue Slippy after the events of Sector X. Goras is an alien-like creature, and as he is fought on the Titania level, he is one of the two bosses fought in a Landmaster.

[edit] Tactics

Goras doesn't really have distinct phases. Instead, he is rather straightforward. You must first take out his arms to expose his chest. This is most easily done by hitting Goras with a Smart Bomb. The first time you take out his arms, Slippy will be freed. Be wary of an energy beam that Goras will fire in an attempt to protect his weak chest area once you take out his arms. Simply give yourself a lot of room to one side and Barrel Roll continuously in that direction until the energy beam fades away. After that, aim your laser fire right at his chest. Goras's head will sometimes dip down to protect the chest area, but just keep firing your laser at it as this will not last long. Be careful of Goras attempting to hit you with a sweeping movement with his tail. To dodge this, simply perform a hovering technique and continue firing when he turns back around. Again, the use of Smart Bombs is quite helpful to quicken the process. If you can't defeat Goras quickly enough, his arms will regenerate, forcing you to repeat the process. Defeat Goras to move on to Bolse.

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