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General Pepper


[edit] Overview

General Pepper is a half human half dog character who is the head of the Cornerian Army that tries to fight back against threats in the Lylat System. It is also Pepper that enlists the help of the Star Fox team and issues the orders for the team as they tackle the different planets and areas en route. He seems to have some bond of friendship with Peppy specifically, although he also has strong ties to the Star Fox team in general.

By the time the events of Star Fox Command take place General Pepper has withdrawn from militart service, allowing Peppy to take over.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Star Fox

General Pepper is responsible for banishing Andross to Venom, and he is the one to enlist the Star Fox team when Andross invades the system. Pepper briefs the team prior to every mission. The training mission that players can choose from seems to be under his direction as well.

[edit] Star Fox 64

An extended variant of the original plotline. Pepper is once again the dog responsible for banishing Andross to Venom. He enlisted the original Star Fox team, lead by james mcCloud, to investigate Venom. Later he would call upon the new Star Fox team to tackle the forces coming from Venom. Again, Pepper briefs the team prior to each mission.

[edit] Star Fox Adventures

Pepper only has a minimal role in this game. He is the one that sends Star Fox in to investigate Dinosaur Planet.

[edit] Star Fox: Assault

Pepper directs the battle against the Aparoid forces in this game. Late into the battle Corneria is attacked, and Pepper's flagship, with him still inside, is taken over by the Aparoid forces. He orders Fox to destroy his ship, but although Fox does Pepper is saved at the last moment by Peppy.

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