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Fox McCloud is the starring character of the Star Fox series of video games. He is a anthropomorphic fox, and is typically the character directly controlled by the player. Fox has appeared in every Star Fox game to date.

Fox is the leader of the Star Fox team, taking over the role from his father James after his presumed death. He is extremely capable piloting any number of vehicles given to him, as well as expert handling of various firearms, including a laser blaster. Fox has also proven himself adept at close combat with a staff-like weapon during his journey in Star Fox Adventures.


Star Fox

Fox's first appearance. Fox takes over command of the Starfox team when his father, James, disappears due to an experiment performed by Andross. Fox is required to mobilize the team, under the orders of General Pepper, when Andross invades the Lylat System.

Fox is the central character who pilots an Arwing through numerous dangerous missions before the final battle at Venom.

Star Fox 64

in the Nintendo 64 remake of Starfox, Fox's father, James, was killed at the hands of Andross. When Andross attacks the Lylat System, Fox takes the Star Fox team into battle, as ordered by General pepper.

Fox is the main character who pilots up to three different vehicles through various planets, leading to the final battle at Venom.

Star Fox Adventures

The team are sent to investigate a planet called Sauria by General Pepper. Fox heads down to the planet surface without his team members for this adventure. Unlike other entries in the series, Fox only uses his Arwing when moving to areas he can't reach on foot. Otherwise Fox explores on foot.

Not allowed to bring his blaster, Fox's protection comes in the form of a magic staff which he finds early in the adventure, the staff is capable of being used in melees and limited magical attacks including a blaster, an ice blast and an earthquake. it also has the power to make Fox invulnerable by casting an umbrella of magic around him, however this prevents movement.

Throughout the game there is a suggested love theme between Fox and Krystal, although the two do not even talk face to face to the end of the game, this relationship is continued through the remainder of the series.

Star Fox Assault

The Cornerian Army and the remainder of Andross' forces, led by his nephew Andrew Oikonny are locked in a fierce stalemate over the planet of Fortuna. Fox and the rest of the Team are hired by General Pepper to capture or destroy Oikonny while the army deals with the rest of his fleet.

Fox leads the team in pursuit of Andrew down to the surface of the planet where he and Oikonny engage in battle, however during the battle, an unknown ship shoots down Andrew's ship and then proceeds to open fire on the Starfox team. Fox is able to defeat it, and collects the ships core memory.

Hired by General Pepper to defeat this new enemy, know as the Aparoids, Fox leads his team in the counter offensive charge against the Aparoids as they proceed to attack most of the Lylat System.

Again, throughout the game is the repeated theme of Fox's and Krystal's mutual attraction for each other. This is particularly hinted in the Sauria mission where the two are both deployed onto the surface.

Also, the rivalry between Fox and Wolf O'Donnell is further developed with both of them reaching a mutual respect for each other.

Star Fox Command

Team Star Fox has been disbanded, so Fox is initially flying solo with R0B 64 when a new threat called the Anglar rise from Venom to destroy the Lylat System. Although he initially tries to repel the invasion alone he soon realizes that he is heavily outnumbered and thus reunites the team to take on this new threat. He continues to pilot the Arwing, featuring single laser, single lock on, two bombs, good shields and excellent boost.

Super Smash Bros.

Fox appears as a playable character in this game. Fox is a fast character who works best racking up fast attacks on his opponents. Special techniques includes firing his blaster, projecting a reflector shield and a recovery move that envelopes Fox in fire and shoots him a short distance.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Fox returned as a playable fighter in this game. Fox is lighter in this version, although he also falls faster than before. He retains all his special abilities from the last game, but also gains a new special - the Fox Illusion that is a quick dash attack that shoots Fox sideways.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Fox continues his appearances in Brawl. He still has the same abilities and basic character structure as before, but now also gains a Final Smash. Upon breaking open a smash ball Fox can summon the Landmaster tank onto the battle, making use of its various abilities against his opponents for a short period of time.

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