Falco Lombardi

Falco Lombardi


[edit] Overview

Falco is a long time member of the Star Fox team, who has appeared in every Star Fox game and also has had a few cameo appearances in other games. Falco is a half human half falcon character and often acts as a supporting character to the player in the Star Fox games.

He comes across as somewhat brash, often choosing the more hazardous routes and taking on challenging enemies. These actions sometimes lead to Falco finding himself in trouble, requiring Fox to bail him out, but without his somewhat reckless approach the team might miss things of importance (the Corneria stage in Star Fox 64 is a prime example, as it is Falco who finds the alternate route).

He has a love interest in Katt Monroe, a feline character with minor appearances in the series. He originally finds her more of an annoyance than anything, but this changes over time. His leave in Star Fox Adventures is due to her, after receiving a distress signal he quickly rushes off to help her. After this, he decides to have a relationship with her.

Despite this recklessness, Falco is extremely skilled as a pilot and could easily be considered Fox's right-hand man.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Star Fox

Falco stars as a supporting pilot, assisting Fox in the missions.

[edit] Star Fox 64

Falco continues his role as a supporting pilot. He is the one that opens the route to Sector Y, and seems to have some kind of relationship with Katt. He is often seen heading straight into danger and competing with Fox during the missions.

[edit] Star Fox Adventures

Unlike in most other titles, Falco is absent for most of the game, having left the team prior to the events of the game. Instead, he turns up out of nowhere during the final level and assists Fox in the battle against the final boss. It is here that Falco officially returns to the team.

[edit] Star Fox: Assault

Falco resumes his role as a supporting pilot.

[edit] Star Fox Command

Falco has once again left the team to pursue his own missions after Fox disbanded the team, but he soon rejoins Fox to reform the team to tackle the new enemy that threatens the Lylat System. He remains as arrogant as ever. Here he pilots the Sky Claw with its single laser, multi lock-on, 1 bomb, average shields and excellent boost.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Melee

Falco stars as a hidden playable fighter in this game, unlocked by beating 100 man melee in multiman melee mode or playing 300 versus matches. Falco appears rather similar to Fox (even possessing similar special moves, such as the blaster, reflector, fire thrust and dash attack) but there are distinct differences. Falco hits harder but is slower, and his blaster is slower but stuns slightly when it hits.

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Falco returns and is once again an unlockable fighter (either by clearing 100 multiman brawl, playing 50 versus matches or recruiting him in the subspace emissary mode). The differences between Fox and Falco are more pronounced in this game (such as some standard A attacks changed form and special abilities having altered traits). Like Fox, Falco can also summon a Landmaster tank for his Final Smash. Falco's tank has less power than Fox's but has better hovering ability.

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