Combat Robot Shogun

Combat Robot Shogun
Combat Robot Shogun as it appears in Star Fox 64
Stage:Sector Y (Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D
Weapon(s):Laser Pistol and Shield

[edit] Basic Information

Combat Robot Shogun is the boss you face on the Sector Y level in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D. You face this boss after defeating the two Shogun Warriors.

[edit] Tactics

This boss isn't incredibly threating, but the Combat Robot Shogun is annoyingly fast. It is very easy to accidentally shoot a wingmate due to the sheer speed of this boss. Unlike the Shogun Warriors you face just before Combat Robot Shogun, this Shogun wields a shield that can be used to block your laser fire. The shield is not durable enough to withstand continuous assaults from the Arwing's laser fire. Use your radar carefully and rapidly fire when you have the chance. Alternatively, you can choose to wait it out until Combat Robot Shogun decides to "dock" at the ship he is sent out from. This is your best chance to quickly defeat him as he will be a motionless target while standing on the ship. Upon defeating him, you will get a Hit+10 or Hit+5 bonus depending on the amount of time it took to defeat him and you will move on to either Aquas or Katina depending on the path you took to get through Sector Y.

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