Bolse Defence Satellite


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The Bolse Defence Satellite stage is one of the many stages from Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D. This leads to the easier Venom level. Upon arriving, Peppy will instruct the player to take out the 6 energy towers to disable the force field. Falco will cover you as you take out the energy towers. Once you take out the energy towers, a whole fleet of enemy aircrafts will emerge to hinder you. Upon getting 40 hits on the level, the Star Wolf Team will show up if you did not battle them on the Fichina level. After a little time, the Satellite core will appear.

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[edit] Vehicle


[edit] Medal

150 hits

[edit] Secrets

As previously mentioned, Star Wolf will battle you on this level if you did not face them at Fichina.

[edit] Boss

Fusion Reactor; Bolse Core. After getting 45 hits, Peppy will alert you that the core has appeared. To destroy it, you must take out all of the yellow spots on it. Be aware that with each one destroyed, a thin, blue laser will shoot out of it from time to time. If it makes contact, it will cause some serious damage. Upon destroying the satellite core, the Star Fox Team can then head straight for Venom.

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