Bill Grey

Bill Grey


[edit] Overview

Bill is a half dog - half human pilot for the Cornerian Army. He's the Commander of the Husky and Bulldog units and works on the planet Katina. His uniform consists mainly of the colours grey, orange and green as is customary of the army. The insignia of the army is a stripe down the forehead of the helmet with a capital "C" on it, though Bill also wears a belt of the same look.

He's an old friend of Fox, as they trained together in the Cornerian Flight Academy. Fox bails after his father's death and goes on to become the figurehead of Star Fox while Bill continues to train and eventually start working his way up through the army ranks.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Star Fox 64

In Star Fox 64, Fox fights alongside Bill to destroy the threat of a giant spaceship near the army base which holds the appearance of a pyramid.

[edit] Star Fox Command

Bill reprises his role in Command, albeit being more involved than before. Oddly his appearances seem to occur when Fox is actually absent from the main group, especially where Falco breaks away to conduct his own operations. Bill flies a Cornerian Fighter with twin lasers, no lock on, two bombs, good shields and excellent boost.

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