Bacoon as it appears in Star Fox 64.
Game AppearancesStar Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D
Weapon(s)Explosive pearl bombs and pearl snakes.

Bacoon is the boss that Fox encounters at the end of the Aquas level. This is the bio-weapon of the sea that Andross created in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D and is largely believed to be the reason that the water is polluted on the Aquas level. Bacoon is one of two bio-weapons that Andross creates to try and stop the Star Fox Team, the other being Vulcain of Solar.

[edit] Tactics

[edit] Phase 1

The first phase for Bacoon will have you targeting its tendons with the Blue Marine's torpedoes. If you are going for the medal score on Aquas(150 hits) then it is recommended that you go after the 3 barnacle mortars attached to Bacoon's top shell. Each of them will give you a Hit+3 bonus. Regardless of which approach you take, the tendons must be destroyed to force Bacoon into his second phase.

[edit] Phase 2

After destroying the tendons, Bacoon's top shell will fall off and expose his eye. From here, the best way to beat Bacoon is to settle in the center of the screen and just spam torpedo and laser fire. Torpedoes are the only weapons that will do damage to Bacoon's eye, but you will need to use laser fire to hit the flap that will sometimes cover Bacoon's eye. Be careful of the pearl bombs that Bacoon will launch. As long as you spam torpedo and laser fire, they have little to no chance of getting to you, but they can impede your torpedoes by getting in their line of fire. Keep on firing those lasers and torpedoes until Bacoon is taken out. Once Fox defeats Bacoon, the team can move on to Zoness.

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