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Aquas is a planet in the Lylat System that is completely made up of water. In Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D, General Pepper asks the Star Fox Team to check out the area and search for one of Andross's bio-weapons. Thanks to Slippy, the team came prepared for such an occasion and Fox checks out the area with the Blue Marine. You have an infinite amount of torpedoes and will be your main form of attack as the lasers for the Blue Marine are quite weak. Falco will constantly bash the Blue Marine, thinking it won't make it, but ignore him. There are quite a few areas where you will need to perform Barrel Rolls due to the sheer amount of enemies in single groups. This is the only level in the game where your wingmates are not there to assist you directly.

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Blue Marine

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150 hits

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This is the bio-weapon of the sea that Andross created(the other being Vulcain of Solar) To expose its true weakness, you must first take out its tendons with torpedoes. Should you be going for the medal score on Aquas, take out the three barnacle mortars that are attached to Bacoon's shell. Each give off a Hit+3 bonus. Once you can take out its tendons, the eye will be exposed. The easiest way to clear the level from here is to settle right in the middle of the screen and simply fire torpedoes to the eye without any letup. Use your lasers to damage the flap that will sometimes cover the eye and be slightly wary of the pearl bombs that Bacoon will release. They rarely will get to you, but they can be annoying by getting in the way of your torpedoes and lasers. The pearl bombs will become more and more numerous as you bring down Bacoon's health bar. Defeat Bacoon to move on to Zoness.

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