Star Fox 64 Walkthrough: Part 4d

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[edit] Previous Part

Part 3b

[edit] Introduction

So, you want to take out that mothership? Then let's get on it.

[edit] Guide

[edit] Katina Mission Finish

To take out the Saucerer, you must first take out the four hatches on its underside. Don't worry about missing the time they open as Bill will tell you each time they open. Until they open, concentrate on taking out enemy fighters so there are less of them in the way when you go after the hatches. Once Bill tells you that the hatches are open, turn around to find the Saucerer and shoot the hatches. Once a hatch has been destroyed, it will not close back up again. This will show you how many hatches remain each time you see the Saucerer. After you take out two of the hatches, ROB will send you some supplies to signal that you are halfway done. Once you take out all four hatches, the Saucerer's core will appear and Bill will tell you to take out the core. This is where taking out those enemy fighters while the hatches were closed will really help as the core will extend about halfway to the ground. This may take a couple of trips to do, but simply aim your laser fire at it and shoot it as many times as possible. Sway one way or the other to avoid it, make a U-turn, and just rinse and repeat the process until the core is destroyed. Once destroyed, Bill will wish you good luck as you move on to the next mission.

[edit] Solar Mission

[edit] Mission Details

Mission No. 4 Solar
Out of the Frying Pan...

[edit] Mission Walkthrough

This is one of the more dangerous levels if just for the harsh environment. Here, you will literally need to fly high as your Arwing can't take the intense heat of the lava on this level as Peppy will tell you early on. The way of keeping your shield gauge up is to shoot the rocks that come out. Each rock you shoot will not only count as a hit, but will more importantly drop a silver ring to replenish your shield gauge. Glowing rocks drop gold rings, so try to shoot them at all costs. Just after Peppy first tells you about the rocks, Bill will show up to help you out some before leaving you to the rest. The only enemies you'll face here are bird-like enemies and they will often attack in small or large groups. Depending on the size of the group, you'll want to use Charge Shots and Smart Bombs to take them out. ROB will give you some supplies a little bit before the Checkpoint.

[edit] Question

This is a set path with no alternate route. So, there is no question for this part.

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Part 5c

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